Einstein riddle (2015 version): SOLVED



This is the revised version of the age-old Einstein riddle (the one with the Pall Mall and Dunhill and all the stuff that 12 year old Asian girls don’t know very much about). I remember completing the old one in year six for fun but a few years on, I’ve forgotten the answers completely.

I’ve been told by mostly everyone that I’m smart for pretty much my whole life (#stayhumble) and I can never resist a chance to prove to people that they are not wrong. In the following, I will go through the steps explaining how I arrived at my answer:

I started with a table, which I used to work out what goes where. The table looks like this


Now onto using the clues.

CLUE 9- tells us American lives in the first house CLUE 14- tells us house two is yellow CLUE 8- tells us man in house three drinks water


CLUES 4 & 5– tells us red house is directly left of the white house and that the red house owner drinks coffee. The red house cannot be #1 as it is to the left of the yellow house, nor can it be #2 as we have already established that it is yellow, nor can it be #3 as the owner of the red house drinks coffee but #3’s owner drinks water, and nor can it be #5 as the white house is directly to the red house’s right. Therefore, the red house is #4 and the house on its right is the white house.


CLUE 1– The British man lives in the blue house so he must be in the centre. The only colour left is green so that must be the colour of the American’s house.


CLUE 7– Tells us the American plays XboxOne CLUE 11– Tells us his next door neighbour, the man in the yellow house, owns a Samsung Galaxy S6.


A process of elimination tells us what the American drinks: He can’t drink water (Clue 8 tells us the man in the middle drinks water), he can’t drink Coca-Cola because the German drinks it (Clue 3), he can’t drink beer (Clue 12 says the PS3 player drinks beer but the American plays XboxOne), and he can’t drink coffee as he does not live in the red house (Clue 5). Therefore, we are only left with Pepsi and that is what the American drinks.

CLUE 15– The PS4 player lives next door to the Pepsi drinker. Since we’ve established that the American drinks Pepsi, the man in #2 must play PS4.


There are three nationalities left: German, French and Swedish. They cannot be in the green or blue houses as these are occupied. CLUE 2– The Frenchman cannot be in the yellow house because the yellow house owner has a Galaxy S6 while the Frenchman owns an S5. CLUE 13– The Swede cannot be in the yellow house either as the yellow house owner plays PS4 while the Swede plays Xbox360. Therefore, the German has to reside in the yellow house.


CLUE 3– The German drinks coke. The person in the white house must drink beer because the drinkers of water, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have been established, and the owner of the red house drinks coffee (Clue 5). 007CLUE 12– Tells us the beer-drinker plays PS3 so he must live in the white house CLUE 13– Tells us Swede lives in the red house because he plays Xbox 360. House #1-3 already have the nationalities figured out while the Swede cannot be in the white house as the white house owner plays PS3. This leaves the Frenchman to occupy the remaining house, which is the white house (no jokes about French surrender pls).


CLUE 2– Tells us that the Frenchman has a Galaxy S5. CLUE 6– Tells us that the British man is the one who owns both the Nokia Lumia and the PC as he is the only person left with both those slots available.


CLUE 10– Tells us the American owns the iPhone 6. This is because the PS4 player (the German) is neighbours with someone owning an iPhone 6; on his right is the British man who owns the Nokia Lumia, leaving the American as the one who owns the iPhone 6.

This leaves us with the solution to the question of “Who owns the iPhone 5s?” As you can see, it is in fact the Swedish man who owns the iPhone 5s!


Hope you could follow along with the reasoning and that this encourages you try out more mentally-stimulating puzzles in the future.