You lascivious pig!

  • You’re on board a train, headed towards another day of academic-induced lethargy. As you glance at the face of your watch for the time, you feel someone groping your hindquarters. Rage bubbles up inside of you and you turn to give that LASCIVIOUS pervert a piece of our mind. Lascivious can be defined as perverted, lewd or inappropriate in a sexual way.
    ex1.The lingerie store assistant was arrested for lascivious acts towards female customers.”
    ex2.”Lascivious material must not be brought into the classroom as it is indecent and disturbing for students.”
  • To your utmost surprise, there is no offender standing behind you with a hand on your backside. Just as a precaution, you check your back pockets for your phone and wallet. With a tidal wave of horror, you realise that scumbag has ABSCONDED with your new, top-of-the-line Nokia Lumia! Absconded is used to describe the act of fleeing, often with a certain object.
    ex1. “To abscond from a raid carrying all of our profits is a cowardly act!”
    ex2. “The death-row inmate managed to abscond from a high-security jail with outside help”

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